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UpWord Notes - Jot lists, snippets…
Jul 24, 2014
Lau Brothers LLC
With UpWord saves your notes, lists, and reminders - all in one place. Get more done.

⁕ Apple - Best New App 2014
⁕ MacLife (4.5 stars)- "Simple, stunning...raises the bar for all others in its class."
⁕ PandoDaily- "App magic that makes one's life a whole lot easier."
⁕ CNET- "I can tell that the developers put extra thought into UpWord Notes."
⁕ Cult of Mac- "Impressive. Just replaced my go-to item tracker."

It's how notes on iOS 7 should work. A unique swipe-gesture manages task lists and adds formatting in a snap. One-tap reminders ensure that you revisit a note later. Folders & favorites keep you organized, while Dropbox syncs notes between devices. Plus, our elegant UI comes with three bold themes to personalize your experience.

Once you see how productive your everyday notes can be, you'll wonder how you lived without UpWord!

Incredible feature set:
- Swipe List: create lists, cross off as done, and highlight as important, all with a simple swipe
- One-Tap Reminders: faster than ever to save a note or task for later, includes repeating reminders
- Repeating reminders
- Organize with folders & favorites
- Sync notes across devices with Dropbox
- Save notes straight to Evernote
- Beautiful design themes & fonts for personalization
- Multi-level undo & redo
- Multiple font sizes
- Cloud backup, version control, and retrieve deleted notes via Dropbox sync (all free)
- Opens straight to a new note to capture ideas faster (turn on in "Settings")
- TextExpander support
- Instant search
- Word count
- Export straight to email, text, or even facebook/twitter
- Landscape typing
- Mobile companion for TaskPaper and FoldingText
- Full suite of x-url-callback actions
- Night mode reverses screen colors for typing in the dark
- Link mode makes phone #'s and website url's tappable
- Sort files by recency, alphabetical order, or reverse-alphabetical
- Archive keeps your workspace clean without permanently deleting anything
- TaskPaper features like @done syntax & tab swipes

** Optimized for iPhone & iPod. Not a universal app.

** For the tech-savvy who were wondering, UpWord uses UTF-8 encoded plain-text with Unix style line breaks. Our plain-text files will work with any modern text editor, so there's no format lock-in.
Perfect Popcorn
Jul 24, 2014
Diamond Foods
Optimized for iPhone 5/s on iOS 7+

Introducing the new Perfect Pop app from the makers of Pop Secret popcorn. Perfect Pop listens to the pops coming from your microwave to find the precise moment when your popcorn is ready.

Turn Perfect Pop on and place your phone near the microwave. Watch, as you get a magical view into the bag to see kernels popping inside. Then, stop the microwave when Perfect Pop alerts you.

There’s nothing like popping some delicious popcorn to get ready for a fun night in front of the TV. And nothing like burnt popcorn to ruin a great movie night. That's why we made Perfect Pop!