What is Free App Report?

The Free App Report is a website and community that features the best free apps for the day.

FAR is all about the discovery of fun, entertaining, useful and most importantly QUALITY free apps.

The Report is NOT another “price drop” website, and each app listed here goes through a quality check before being featured.

Most apps featured on the Report are typically paid apps, but on sale for free for an undisclosed amount of time.

What apps will be featured on the Free App Report?

The report is a collection of the best free apps in every category of the app store.

Some apps will be listed free exclusively for our community, others have been made free for other sites, but ALL apps featured here are guaranteed not to suck! ;-)

What do I need to do to get these free apps everyday?

Simple … download our iPhone app, or visit the website daily to download any apps.

We do ask a couple things of you though (obviously not mandatory, but encouraged):

You see … the more popular our site becomes, the better apps we’ll be able to feature.

We ask that you please help us by doing 3 things every day to help our community grow:

1. Visit our site every day, and download the free apps you enjoy.

2. If you enjoy the apps for the day, please share them with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc.

3. If you enjoy any apps we feature, PLEASE leave the developer a good review on iTunes. (these reviews REALLY help the developers that are featuring their apps here for free)

Can I get daily updates?

Absolutely. We’ve set up many different options to subscribe to our site:

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How can I feature my app on Free App Report?

If you’re a developer, and you want us to feature your app, then please submit your app here.


FYI … we have no control over how long any apps on this site stay free.

Any other questions, comments, suggestions then feel free to contact us.