Skill Game Arcade
Aug 25, 2014
Sebastian Miedtank
Get ready for excitement, surprise and thrill!

...are clever?
...are fast?
...like tricky situations?

Then you have found your new favorite game.

- "A simple yet very engaging strategy game. So simple yet keeps me playing for hours."
- "Very very good!!! I like it very much, it's sometimes crazy ;)"
- "The game and the graphics are awesome. Addictive game."
- "I love this version of Skill Game! Very good practice for one of the toughest puzzles in the original Skill Game, and this one never ends!"
- "Addictive and hard."
- "Awesome. Great fun and challenging."
- "Definitely the best out of the two, definitely worth paying for."

- skill, strategy and speed: you must play accurate, clever and fast
- no end: only yourself and the time are your opponents
- randomly produced levels: each game is different
- many exciting gifts: variety is guaranteed
- challenging and entertaining: Will you hit the Highscore?
- Game Center integration: Prove everyone how good you are!
- beautiful graphics: supports the high-resolution Retina Display
- one App, double the fun: for iPhone and iPad

Get Skill Game Arcade and challenge yourself!
Instacast 4 - Podcast Client
Aug 25, 2014
*** Instacast is FREE for 1 day only or until our cloud servers break. Get it now!***

Instacast revolutionized podcast clients in 2011 and is still the best podcast app on the planet. It syncs seemlessly between iPhone, iPad and Mac.

What's new in 4.0?

* A completely overhauled user interface, inspired by iOS 7 in both aesthetics and functionality.
* A sidebar menu to maximise vertical space and house quick access to additional views.
* The Up Next playback queue: a dynamic playlist that allows you to queue episodes for sequential playback.
* Improved multitasking and background functionality, meaning that subscriptions are refreshed and downloaded whilst your phone is idle.
* Instead of informing you to refresh a feed to access a new episode, push notifications now alert you to the fact that new episodes have been downloaded already and are available to play instantly.

All the great features Instacast users are already familiar with:

* Detailed subscription management and customisation.
* Lists, Smart Lists and Bookmarks.
* An elegant, sophisticated media player.
* Offline playback of downloaded episodes.
* Interact with episodes by reading show notes in an easy-to-read format, and share episodes with third-party services.
* Import your podcasts from iTunes or other podcast clients.
* Seamless, instant synchronisation between other copies of Instacast on iOS and OS X via Instacast Cloud.
* A universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad on iOS 7 or higher required.

Localized in English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Arabic, Danish, Polish and Brazilian Portuguese

For more detailed information please see Instacast's product page on the Vemedio website: http://vemedio.com/instacast
Aug 25, 2014
nhan nguyen
download unlimited wallpaper
Study Cal - Student Planner and…
Aug 25, 2014
Nicholas Doherty
Study Cal helps you manage your classes, organize your assignments, and track your grades. With Study Cal, your entire academic life is simplified, and you’ll always feel ahead.

• Add semesters (or quarters, trimesters, etc) and track your GPA. You can specify custom GPA scales on a per-class basis.
• Add classes, instructors, notes, and grades. You can specify custom grading scales and custom assignment types on a per-class basis. Study Cal fully supports both point and percent based grading systems.
• Add assignments, multiple reminders, and repeat schedules. Study Cal fully supports both weekly and block based scheduling.
• Add notes, and attach multiple photos to your notes. You can also attach notes to assignments.

• When viewing an upcoming assignment, you’ll be told exactly what grade you need to either achieve the next letter grade in the class, or maintain your current one. For example, if you have a 88% in a class, Study Cal might say something like “You need a 93% on this assignment to achieve an A in the class”. Both point and percent based grading systems are supported.
• When viewing a grade, you’ll see exactly how much it counts towards your final grade in the class.
• Study Cal presents you with a full screen weekly and daily calendar, so you’ll always know when, and how long, upcoming events are relative to one another.
• Study Cal syncs automatically with iCloud, so your schedule is always up to date on all of your devices. Best of all, you don’t need to set anything up.
• See a detailed graph of your grade history on a per-class basis.
• Track completed assignments, organized by the date you completed them.
• Search all of your assignments by name, class, type, or note.

• Get morning and/or evening digest notifications. A morning digest notification is a single sentence summary about the day’s upcoming events. An evening digest notification tells about the next day’s events. Digest notifications are configurable by days of the week and time.
• Study Cal is gesture driven. Swipe to quickly complete assignments.

No longer Free
Chickie Dominos
Aug 25, 2014
Mindlube Games
Free! for limited time until v3 is released | Network multiplayer, pass-n-play and much more will be in version 3! (next release) | Watch the Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jafuSzPj6OM | The Daily Appster Video 6/7/11 episode: "Very fun, very cool. Nice implementation of this game!" (v1.4) | Chickie Dominos, the traditional dominos game also known as "Chicken Foot", has the 3-toe pattern that makes every round of dominos fun! Play all your dominos before your opponent, or your dominos turn into eggs and points count against you! You will be a dominos fan in no time with the 5 minute interactive tutorial, and standard swipe and pinch controls.

----- TIPS -----
- Prompts: you can turn off the prompts text via the Options button.

- Nickname: Your player nickname comes from GameCenter. Launch GameCenter app and sign in as a different user, or change your nickname there.

- Opponent's dominos count: It's shown at the top of the screen when it's the opponent's turn. Now it's also shown in the score screen too.

- Score screen: tap the egg in the top left, to get to the score screen at any time.

- Pass and play: pass and play multiplayer was removed. We are laying the groundwork for a future release having true online multiplayer, with a tournament style (ELO) ranking system! Lots of requests for Pass and Play though, so it could return.

- Tutorial: Just use the Back button if you didn't understand or the text scrolled by to quickly. In the next version, the text will be easier to read.

- Lots more, in the 5 minute interactive Tutorial! Just tap 'Learn to Play'.

- Have a question or complaint? Don't ask questions in the Reviews area. We cannot reply there. Ask via our web page instead. Thanks

---- SHARE THE LOVE ----
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Time Lapse!
Aug 25, 2014
Lucky Clan
FREE for few days. Capture amazing, Hollywood quality time lapse videos with Time Lapse! Don’t wait for the result - preview of recorded movie is visible during capturing!

Wide range of intervals allows to record most common time lapse scenes:
0.5-1s: Car traffic, People walking, Fast moving clouds
1s-5s: Sunset/Sunrise, Slow clouds, Daytime crowds
5s-20s: Moving shadows
20s-60s: Fast growing plants, Plants flourishing, Construction building, Stars, Moon

- Interval range: 0.5s - 60s
- Realtime Preview with battery saving
- Full HD quality
- Pinch to zoom gesture
- Tap to set Focus/Exposure point, double tap to reset
- Saving in Camera Roll
- Torch

- to improve sharpness use a tripod
Full Screen Private Browsing for…
Aug 25, 2014
Savy Soda
** Free today with App of the Day

Download ‘App of the Day’, and every day discover one paid app absolutely free! **

Introducing the PRO Edition of our most popular private web browser! With improved minimalist design for iPhone and iPod. Improved speed on iPhone and iPad with Retina Display!

Finally, you can view all your websites PRIVATELY and in FULL SCREEN on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad! This is the simple, no frills web browser you've been waiting for.


How it works:

- History, Cookies, Cache, All completely deleted when you exit the app. No one will know where you've been.

- Uses EVERY SINGLE PIXEL available to show websites in BEAUTIFUL FULL SCREEN! That's 13% more viewing area than standard Safari! Thanks to hiding of Status bars and auto hiding of all navigation controls when required.

- Same back end safari browsing engine which means maximum speed, security, and reliability. Familiar Interface.

So get it now and start browsing those websites in beautiful full screen without anyone knowing where you've been!

Some other features and Details:
- Portrait and Landscape mode support.
- Orientation Locking Support for iPad.
- Similar UI to Safari.
- Hidden status bar to make more space.
- Overlay controls to maximise screen real-estate.
- Safari based backend engine.
- Lightning fast startup and shutdown.
- Always starts in ask/google search home.
- No auto suggest or auto-fill in.
- Very discrete icon and presentation.
- Tiny download so you can get it quickly.

more apps:
Frugi - Personal finance manager to…
Aug 25, 2014
Iman Ghasempour
"This app will help you take control and manage your finances. It’s an important aspect of most people’s lives, and with Frugi sitting on your home screen, you’ll be able to keep on top of everything and check your numbers at a glance." - Redmond Pie (redmondpie.com)

"Find out where all of your money is going with this finance app." - AppAdvice (appadvice.com)

"A personal finance app that makes it easy to keep track of various accounts." - Apple'N'Apps (applenapps.com)

"To manage your income and expenses, you need a notebook or a finance manager. If you think so too, the Frugi personal finance manager app should suit for you." - iappsin.com

Customer reviews:

"I've searched for simple finance apps for years and this one is just plain outstanding you can create categories and accounts on the flu, add entries quickly and get all the necessary stats on the main screen. As a taxi driver this little app is a lifesaver and hope it does not die only thing that would make it better would be adding memo notes and maybe account transfers" by Rottenweiler

"Awesome app! It's simple to use and you can customize it in as many categories as you'd like. And the part I like most is that it's completely local." by Nuke085

"This app has helped me so much! Clean and fresh way to record your money usage. It is just what I needed." by Brooki27

Frugi description:

Surely you have experienced problems of the amount of money spent or earned for what and when.

Using this application, you will be able to simply manage all your payments and incomes.
This app has been designed in an intuitive way that without any instructions you can manage your budget.
Within three seconds you will be able to insert a transaction, and all calculations are done automatically.
Interestingly, you need considerably more time while jotting it down on paper even if you don’t make any calculations.

Key features:
- Fully localized
- Simple design for easy use
- Classifying monthly expenses and incomes
- Smart calendar for displaying all items of a day
- Supporting multiple calendars:
Gregorian, Buddhist, Indian, Japanese, Islamic, Persian
- Using smart tags
- Recognizing and extraction of tags based on input data
- Using tags for advanced search
- Presenting statistics in "Tag Cloud" format to see the monthly budget in one glance
- Supporting all monetary units
- Future lists
- Setting alarms to remind future lists
- Displaying one day items with different colors for different days
- Adding/editing items on the calendar
- Showing item differences between two months (current and previous)
- Using multiple accounts
- Balancing transfers from one account to another
- PDF output
- Excel output
- Air print
- Choosing your favorite theme
- Defining the last day of financial month